March 7, 2007

Some Original Songs--Country, Gospel

A few C&W-flavored tunes, plus a gospel award winner and a hebrew prayer for peace set to original music.

Just The Other Side Of Tomorrow

I wrote this for my son when he was seven years old, right after I watched him catch a garter snake with his bare hands (he subsequently caught three or four more). Sappy? Maybe, but almost a decade later, I still feel the same.

All The Good Ones Are Taken

After I wrote this, I learned that Pam Tillis had a hit single called "All The Good Ones Are Gone". She was talking about men, I guess. I like my song better.


An ecumenical gospel tune? Why not? Glorify! took third place, gospel category, in a songwriting contest I entered a few years ago. I think I still have the sunglasses they sent me as a prize.

Ufros Aleinu (Shelter Of Peace)

This song is taken from a hebrew prayer. I composed the musical setting and some ancillary english lyrics in 1998, and I was lucky enough to get my cantor at the time, Neil Blumofe, to sing it. Neil's moved on to bigger and better things in Austin, where he's still a cantor, and where he records original jazz-flavored sacred music for Horeb Records (

(Full translation of the hebrew: "Spread over us Your shelter of peace. Guide us with Your good counsel.")